Our Story

I am the owner of One Stop Bow Shop! I am also an Independent Trunk Keeper for Matilda Jane! 
My name is Casey Higginbotham, and I am one busy mama! I am a proud mama of 2 bowheads Paisley and Penley. These 2 girls are the reason I work so hard. I love the Lord, my family, food, movies, tv shows and yes my husband too!

I get a lot of questions like:
How long have you made hairbows? 8 years! 
Do you make all your hairbows yourself? Yes, I have a trained team that makes all of our hairbows in Texas! We pride ourselves in quality.
If you are so busy with One Stop Bow Shop then why sell Matilda Jane Clothing to? The answer is simple...I love it, my girls love it, the clothing washes and holds up over years of wearing it! When I think of quality products I think One Stop Bow Shop and Matilda Jane!

Paisley (5)  Penley (1 1/2)